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The JKL Operation

From Shipping through Energy to Investment in New Industrial Ventures



The shipping business was initially established 1978 in Norway by Mr. Jann K. Lindberg, and was incorporated as a limited company as of 1981. Shipping has been the main activities during first two decades, with global operation as owner and operators of ships for passengers; dry cargo; oil; as well as offshore oil service vessels.



Operation expanded into the energy business as of mid 1990s, initially by marine operation of mega floating power generating plants. As of early 2000, the shipping activity was gradually sold out and the operation was further expanded within the energy sector and into oil exploration offshore, as co- founders of one oil company and two seismic survey companies, – all became public listed.



As of 2010, the JKL Companies operation has mainly been comprising of industrial and financial investments; real estate development; and co-founding of new business ventures, and as of 2016 the investments are specifically target developments within the marine fishing industry, and subsidiary special purpose companies are established.

Historic Highlights

  • 1978

    Built 4 push barges and tug for log carrying service in Norway

  • 1981

    Acquires main shareholding of passenger ship operation in Norway

  • 1982

    Container feeder service North Europe

  • 1983

    Offshore support vessels, seabed mapping in Red Sea

  • 1984

    Offshore support vessels, pipeline inspection offshore Brazil

  • 1985

    Established passenger ferry service, Gibraltar to Morocco

  • 1986

    Established shipbroking service out of Norway

  • 1987

    Gibline Ltd nominated Gibraltar national passenger carrier

  • 1991

    Established S/P shipbroking operation in Bangkok targeting Asian shipping

  • 1992

    Established West Africa container feeder service out of Duala, Cameroon

  • 1995

    Joint venture with Atlantic Seaboard Industries Inc, Canada for development of energy projects

  • 1997

    Appointed operator of container liner; Europe-Australia

  • 2001

    Sold out last ships owned

  • 2002

    Co-founding offshore seismic survey company Scan Geophysical ASA

  • 2005

    - Instrumented restructuring of oil tanker company GNMTC, Libya
    - Co-founding oil exploration & production company Bridge Energy AS

  • 2007

    Co-founding seismic survey company MultiClient Geophysical ASA

  • 2008

    Brokering newbuilding series of heavy lift ships in P.R. China

  • 2010

    - Shipbroking operation terminated and transferred to ex-employees
    - Investments became main operation​​

Associated Companies​


JKL-Holding AS
JKL-Shipping AS
​JKL-Shipbrokers AS
JKL-Seafront Invest AS
JKL-Marine Products AS


JKL-International Limited
​Transmarine Invest Limited